Young people in our Bay View residential homes have discovered a common love for all things art recently, where they have been able to nurture their creativity and feel empowered through expressing themselves!

In an era dominated by digital technology, it has been refreshing to see children and young people getting involved in arts and crafts such as painting, colouring and drawing as a group.

One activity involved using coloured crayons, a glue gun, a hairdryer and a blank canvas!

Young people chose their favourite colours and glued crayons to the top of their canvas. Using a hairdryer, the crayons were melted, creating a rainbow, psychedelic drip effect which looks brilliant and was easy to achieve!

Young Person Melting Crayons On A Canvas

In another Bay View home, children have come up with the idea of creating a display wall to celebrate their artwork and talent. This has encouraged everyone (including staff!) to explore their artistic talents, experiment and break boundaries. It’s lovely to see the wall filling up with lots of imaginative works.

Engaging in art has been a great way to help young people process their emotions, confront fears and rebuild self-confidence and is an activity that we committed to incorporating into residential life in our homes.

We are looking forward to seeing lots more creative displays and ideas from across our Bay View community!