Clinical Child Psychologist

At Bay View Child Care we have access to a Chartered Registered Clinical Child Psychologist. Who specialises in working with children and adolescents with all types of mental health difficulties.

Her areas of special interest are attachment and developmental diagnoses. She has further training/experience in evidence-based approaches to complex parenting issues and in working with looked after children in residential settings. She has worked in child development diagnostic teams and offered specialist advice and interventions for children with developmental diagnoses e.g. learning disability, autism spectrum conditions.

She can also offer psychological assessment, formulation and intervention; teaching and training, professional advice and consultations, group or individual supervision. and an expert opinion in her areas of special interest. This can be with individual children and/or their families and to individual professionals and/or organisations

She is down to earth, genuine and supportive. Her overall aim is to be a catalyst to support positive change in people’s lives.