About Us

We aim to provide stability and care for young people aged 6-18 who have been found to be experiencing emotional & behavioural difficulties.

We at Bay View Childcare believe all young people that are deemed to be challenging and are looking for a comfortable & caring environment will be able to work towards achieving better outcomes.

Our purpose is to provide a therapeutic & nurturing environment that will enable the young people in our care to experience happier times and work towards a brighter more prosperous future.

On providing an extensive care package and working closely with established working relationships with all multi-agencies, each young person will have the opportunity to strive and achieve in their own personal goals.

We are able to provide a range of work experience opportunities and have provisions available to support the young people moving towards and through independence.

At Bay View Childcare we have a firm belief that all young people deserve to be supported through independence and into adult life. Once the young people have established a clear understanding of independence and been given the skills required to survive, they will then have more confidence and ability to succeed. All young people will work towards their own individual pathway plans to help them develop a positive future.

At 18 we at Bay View Childcare will support the young people moving into the appropriate accommodation that can meet their long term needs. We are able to offer either supported, or their own accommodation, and provide guidance and support throughout this process.

We strongly believe at Bay View that the young people still require support beyond the age of 18 and when the time has come for the young people to move.

As part of the extensive care package, we believe at Bay View that all young people deserve the best standard of care. On arrival at Bay View, we ensure the young people receive a mental health assessment to ensure the young people are assisted and their care plan is tailored to meet their individual needs in order to strive for success.

Due to the problems young people face in society today we at Bay View Childcare take seriously the problems they will encounter with regard to alcohol & substance misuse.

As the findings are quite high, due to experience, experimenting or through curiosity, alcohol & substance plays a part in all young people’s lives. We take this seriously so have ensured that we have a drug & alcohol worker within our care staff team, to enable positive activities to be undertaken with our young people whilst providing knowledge and support around these issues of alcohol & substance misuse.