Childcare Objectives

  1. To create Individual Placement Plans with the involvement of each young person, so that they can take an active role in planning their future.
  2. To provide very clear boundaries, routines and structures within which young people can address negative past experiences and behaviours, in order to facilitate a more positive future.
  3. To provide programmes of activities for the children and staff as a whole, and to initiate individually tailored activities, especially in the community.
  4. To celebrate traditional/cultural events such as birthdays, religious festivals, through education of Equality & Diversity etc.
  5. To constantly praise good behaviour, and create incentive programmes whereby good behaviour is rewarded.
  6. To require all young people to participate in house meetings and individual sessions with Key Workers.
  7. To maintain contact with families/previous carers
  8. To set up “Pathway Plans” for older children who are working towards independence.
  9. To support and prepare young people to move towards and through independence, either by supportive living or own accommodation that may be community based or provided through Bay View Childcare.