Childcare Admission Process

Upon admission, a member of staff will be assigned to the young person, in order to assist the smooth transition to the placement.

If the young person has already visited the home previously, they will have already met their Key Worker, and every effort will be made to have that person there when the young person arrives.

It will be the responsibility of the Keyworker, or the designated person, to provide the young person with a Welcome Pack containing information, and to settle them into their room etc.

On admission, all efforts will be made to assist the young person to settle in and make them feel at home. House routines, such as mealtimes, and fire and health and safety procedures will be explained to them.

We aim to make the admission as informal as possible and therefore require all relevant information and documentation prior to admission. All personal belongings will be recorded and safeguarded if necessary.

It is often the case that parents/significant people have been unable to attend the initial visits. We encourage that the admission day is used for the adults concerned to view the placement.

During the admission, we insist that all LAC Paperwork, Consent Forms, Admission Forms and Index Cards are completed and checked. Further information for the young person’s file can be handed over at this point, including relevant medical/education records and emergency numbers.

A 28-day placement review will be agreed upon at this time. Thereafter, reviews will be held in accordance with the Review of Children’s Cases Regulations 1991, as detailed in the Guidance and Regulations (Vol 4) of the Children Act 1989.

Following the admission, contact will be made with the social worker on a weekly basis, to keep them up to date. If requested, parents can also be contacted on a weekly basis. Advice will be taken from the social worker on this.